Former Bedford Rotarians and Friends

Former Bedford Rotarians and friends established the scholarship to provide assistance annually to a Bedford High School graduate who might otherwise not have the opportunity to attend college. The Bedford Rotary Club was originally chartered in 1945. They relinquished their charter to Rotary International in June of 2008 due to declining members and their inability to fully participate in Rotary programs.

For several years, the club had been awarding a scholarship itself. When the club disbanded, it was decided to place the scholarship with Monroe County Community College to keep the scholarship close to the former Bedford Rotarians’ home. It also allowed the former Rotarians and friends to invest their remaining assets in a worthwhile program. They felt that even though they no longer exist as an organization, it allowed them to provide a continuing service to the community.


2012-2013 Bailey Rogaliner
2013-2014 Kassandra Ward
2015-2016 Ryan Cousino
2016-2017 Susan Grant
2017-2018 Macy Whitenburg
2018-2019 Alexandra Rimmer
2019-2020 Joseph Hendricks