Education Plus Credit Union

Education Plus Credit Union has established the Education Plus Credit Union Scholarship through a generous donation of $20,000. The Education Plus Credit Union has been an annual scholarship donor for many years.

“We are a Credit Union established by educators in Monroe County, and we are committed to giving back to the community we have served for over 50 years,” said EPCU president and CEO Denise Fox. “With so many organizations cutting budgets, I felt this was the best time to evaluate education and take action with a donation of $20,000 to form the endowed scholarship for education.”

“True to its name, the Education Plus Credit Union has committed to an endowed scholarship to enrich lives by providing a hand up through education,” said MCCC President Emeritus Dr. David E. Nixon.


2005-2006 Tina Blanchard
2005-2006 Diane Fidler
2005-2006 Moises Ramirez
2006-2007 Kevin Beilman
2007-2008 Chelsea Brennan
2007-2008 Katherine Brimm
2007-2008 Rebecca Thornton
2007-2008 Todd Whipple
2008-2009 Katherine Brimm
2008-2009 Teri Williams
2008-2009 Rachael Yovanov
2009-2010 Kelsey Woltmann
2015-2016 Brook Berthlett
2016-2017 Meg Weiler
2017-2018 Meg Weiler
2018-2019 Kelsey Steinseifer
2019-2020 Brianna Hall