Dr. Florence Ames

Dr. Florence Ames delivered over 2,600 babies while providing medical care to three generations of Monroe County families. Today, her generosity to Monroe County Community College is carrying on her commitment and dedication to the Monroe community.

Dr. Ames (1895-1985) was an avid collector of antique furniture and glassware. She began donating pieces of her pottery and Victorian glass collection to MCCC in 1968. Nearly 150 pieces of her collection were on display in the library of the Campbell Learning Resources Center until 1999, when renovation of the facility started. In order to perpetually honor Dr. Ames and the significant donations she made to the Monroe community, MCCC decided to sell the collection at the 2002 “Antiques in April” event to establish the Dr. Florence Ames Fine Art Scholarship.

A pediatrician and the first female doctor in the Monroe community, Dr. Ames attended Fargo College and earned her medical degree from the University of Chicago’s Rush Medical College in 1921. Dr. Ames was also a founder of Mercy Hospital in Monroe in 1929. She was on the staff of both Mercy Hospital and Memorial Hospital. In 1971, the University of Chicago Medical Department honored Dr. Ames for 50 years of service.


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