Concerned Citizens of the Community

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Scholarship was established in 1968 by the faculty and Student Council of Monroe County Community College to support the belief and practice that education is fundamental to any peaceful and successful solution to the problem of inequality.

Dr. King was dedicated to the principle of equality in all walks of life, including education. He was instrumental in the desegregation of schools in America. From 1955 to his death in 1968, he advocated non-violent, passive resistance to racial injustice.

Members of the Monroe community helped finance the scholarship to honor the contributions made by Dr. King to our country and the Monroe community and to see that his work is forever memorialized.


1986-1987 David Johnson
2002-2003 Kellie Vining
2003-2004 Ryan Kidd
2004-2005 Katherine James
2015-2016 Dasia Cobb
2016-2017 Adam Jones
2017-2018 Nikko Cerrone
2018-2019 Kendyl Villarreal
2019-2020 Austin Kronk