C. Ernest Read Trust

A generous donation from the C. Ernest Read Estate enabled the Monroe County Community College Board of Trustees to establish this scholarship in honor of one of the founders of the community college.

Mr. Read was actively involved in the early stages of planning the MCCC campus and served on the committee that complied the initial guidelines for its development.

Mr. Read believed in education. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he spent his career at the Monroe Auto Equipment Company where he was chief engineer when he retired in 1969. A long-time resident of Monroe, Mr. Read was an active member of Christ Lutheran Church and an avid golfer.

The scholarship is designed to benefit a sophomore student who made a significant contribution to campus life during their freshmen year by helping to promote college ideals and improve campus life for other students.


1981-1982 Michael Barron
1981-1982 Brian Nocella
1983-1984 Beth Felder
1983-1984 Judy Nowak
1983-1984 Sharon Stouder
1984-1985 Terrie Boismier
1984-1985 Terri Darby
1984-1985 Jeffrey Finley
1984-1985 David Freeland
1984-1985 Wilma Hart
1984-1985 Lenore Link
1984-1985 Jean Orsargos
1984-1985 Linda Roberts
1984-1985 Glen Wickenheiser
1985-1986 Michael Becker
1985-1986 Linda Giarmo
1985-1986 Laurice Golbinec
1985-1986 Patricia Joseph
1985-1986 Sharon Larrow
1985-1986 George MacDonald
1985-1986 Pamela Pearch
1985-1986 Diane Vajcner
1986-1987 Sheila Balk
1987-1988 Karla McDonald
1987-1988 Anna Liparoto
1989-1990 Jennifer Anderson
1989-1990 Rebecca Baker
1989-1990 Christine Liedel
1989-1990 Mary Thomas
1989-1990 Wendy Woelmer
1998-1999 Kimberly Blaker
1998-1999 Sheryl Brown
1998-1999 Jennifer Clark
1998-1999 Vincent Galati
1998-1999 Adam Poch
1998-1999 Scott Steinke
1998-1999 Tamera Sullivan
1999-2000 Jennifer Clark
1999-2000 Melissa Fraser
2001-2002 Rhonda Gladieux
2001-2002 Cheryl Ramsey
2001-2002 Ryan Stacy
2002-2003 Shirley Navarre
2003-2004 Jeff Guthrie
2004-2005 Jenny Noland
2006-2007 Paula Redieck
2008-2009 Sarah Pierce
2012-2013 Samantha Ford
2013-2014 John Bujdoso
2014-2015 Kevin Stewart
2015-2016 Kelly Reaume
2016-2017 Holly Wing
2017-2018 Brian Friley
2018-2019 Kole Gross
2019-2020 Jacob Laboe